Orchids again!

Oct 09 2010 Published by under Lampworking, News

The Scottish Glass Society held an auction to raise some cash, and asked for donations. It so happened that I was starting a kind of experimental sculpture-y thing in boro, and I decided I would donate it for the auction if it came out ok.

Well, it started as a big marble, including some experimental gold and silver fumed implosions, but it didn’t work quite right, so got stretched into a teardrop shape. Looking at it sitting on the punty, I had this image of it as a kind of seed, growing roots out of the bottom, and a big flower spike with some sort of alien flower on the top.

Since I’d already had a go at those soft glass orchids, I decided on a kind of fantasy-exaggerated paphiopedilum flower. I realised it would need some leaves too, if it wasn’t going to look too out of balance.

Close-up of Flower

The colours are all mostly Trautman Art Glass, mainly over clear, but sometimes clear-encased. Except for the roots, which get that really accurate greyish silver sheen from TV tube supports. They’re borosilicate stand-offs to insulate TV tubes from their frames and casings.

The Whole Thing

The whole thing is about 30 x 20 x 20cm, and gave me a few problems with annealing, and avoiding checking, etc. I put it together over about a week on and off, but I think I will take a lot less time with the next one, now I know to Plan Ahead…

The Arty Shot

I particularly like this image, because you can see the curve of the stem, and how the flower sits in proportion to the rest of the piece.

True to form, it didn’t go into the oven until the evening before the auction. We collected it, and a bowl made by Gillian (also only annealed that night), and whisked them over to Edinburgh College of Art in time for the cut-off at mid-day. I’m please to say that both pieces were sold, and raised £130 for the Scottish Glass Society.

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