My name is Sean, and I make blown and sculpted glass objects from my home studio in Glasgow, Scotland. I work with glass tubing and rod of various sizes and thicknesses, melting the glass in the flame of a bench burner, in a process called Lampworking, or Flameworking. I anneal finished pieces in a digitally controlled kiln to remove the stresses introduced during the making process. The resulting piece will, with care, outlast us all.
I have been a flameworker for around eight years, before which I have been a theatre lighting and sound technician and a lecturer in technical theatre. I trained as a traditional wooden boat builder, before setting up a cabinet-making business in Glasgow, which slowly morphed into a glassblowing business. How this happened is a bit of a mystery, but we could probably sort it all out over a couple of G&T’s…
My work is influenced by my many interests in life, from antiques and fashions of the past, to the natural world, to mathematics, science and the underlying nature of things. Which covers everything, pretty much!
I am ably assisted and supported in my work by my wife Gillian (who does the accounts and has a Proper Job to keep us in gin and crisps), and Ridley the springer spaniel, who variously makes me take long walks, trips me up in the kitchen, keeps the garden-cat-count down, sleeps and sheds hair everywhere.